Saturday September 27th

Reenactors, an antique car show and a heaping helping of Ozarks history await you.

Two desperadoes kidnap Reeds Spring Man

1934 - Reeds Spring – The notorious Barrow desperadoes kidnapped and later released two men on their dash through the Ozarks country was interrupted yesterday by a gun battle with officers near Reeds Spring.

The Texas outlaws, led by Clyde Barrow and his cigar-smoking sweetheart, Bonnie Parker, today were reported in the vicinity of the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth and the Kansas State prison, although southwest Missouri officers had expected them to head for the Oklahoma badlands after their trail was lost at Eureka Springs, Arkansas last night.

Joe Gunn, 40, eccentric farmer who batches in the hills nine miles southwest of Reeds Spring was a captive of the Barrows when they riddled an officer’s car with machine gun and rifle bullets.Bonnie and Clyde photo

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